My siblings started here in January at 2 and 3. They’ve been so happy here, learned so much, and grown significantly as independent individuals. All of the staff members interact with the students on a daily basis and it really feels like a little community. Would recommend to anybody.
— Ali Curcio
We absolutely LOVE BRMS!!! Both of our little ones feel right at home, and the staff is always keeping us in the loop with how they are doing.
— Hess Family
Exceptional school comprised of exceptional people.
— Berkley Family
Can’t say enough good things about Blue Ridge! I have one nephew in elementary that has been attending for 5+ years, a niece and nephew in primary and it’s the best school. Blue Ridge Montessori School has provided a safe and caring environment for them all. I am also very thankful for the supporting teachers and staff who provide all the students with the knowledge they need to succeed.
— Maddison Stafford
My Granddaughter has received an amazing education during her time there. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the faculty, staff and all who work there. We are lucky to have such a great resource in our community!
— Liz Ecklund
BRMS is a great Montessori school! We’ve had both our kids enrolled from birth and now into elementary school. The staff and teachers are exemplary!
— Reed Family
Our granddaughter has been attending for several years and just loves going to school. Great people, too! Learning can be a great experience.
— Rick E.
Sending our son to this school has been a wonderful decision. He started only this past August and we are amazed at how much progress he has made in such a short time. The staff and teachers have been so kind and supportive. He is only two, but when he’s not at school he’s talking about seeing his friends at school and asking if he has “school today.” We love BRMS!
— Taylor Family
So thankful for the wonderful staff and teachers at BRMS! It’s a fantastic program and they all truly care about the well-being of each student. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this school!
— Emily Daily
This school has such a sincere caring staff! I love how much lincoln has already grown and matured in only the few months he has been here. He is excited when I drop him
Off and that makes me excited for him! Love this school!
— Kiersten Kountz
My grandchildren have been attending there for the past 5 years, and have really blossomed! Our family is so thrilled with the highly trained & caring staff, child-led learning/exploring, challenging curriculum, beautiful facility, & safe, healthy environment BRMS provides! They are like family! One of my grandsons enrolled after leaving a terrible child care center & he was a little behind developmentally as a result. After only a few DAYS @ BRMS, he showed noticeable improvement, and has continued to learn & grow by leaps & bounds! Any concerns or issues (which are very few & far between), are immediately & properly addressed, as needed. This Fall, our 3rd grandchild will begin attending. What a blessing BRMS is! We can’t wait until it’s K-12! We wouldn’t want our grandkids anywhere else!!
— Jane Oliver