Education rooted in human values free from standardized tests, timetables and constraints.


Empowering children to become who they naturally are.


Infants: Nido

The simplicity and aesthetic order of our Nido environment support safe discovery of the world as the child sensorially explores the environment. These spaces are then thoroughly enhanced by the tender care and developmental support offered by our staff.

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Toddlers: Pre-Primary

This community is lively and spontaneous, but you will see the beginnings of concentration and genuine social awareness.  The program is rich with language acquisition and budding social skills.  The room is arranged to allow toddlers to move about freely, and to socialize among themselves. 

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Early Childhood: Primary

The multi-age classroom also fosters social skills. Only limited quantities of each material are on the shelves, so children must learn to share, wait for a turn, or choose a different activity. Older children help younger children solve problems, both assisting the younger children's education and confirming their own learning.

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Elementary: first - sixth grade

The Montessori Elementary experience will shape not only their knowledge and skills, but also their attitude about learning for the rest of their life. They will learn to become independent thinkers who are self-directed. 

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We are currently in the planning phase of our building project that will establish a community campus serving children from infancy through adulthood and their families. It will include an infant through high school, teacher training facility and a community outreach center.