Thank you for your interest in Blue Ridge Montessori. I understand that as a parent the pressure to find a school that works for your family’s specific needs can be overwhelming. There are many choices, many approaches, and many different costs and we are surrounded by the input and opinions of others. This can be daunting to say the least. What is most important, at the end, is that your child will be well cared for, enjoy learning and be safe throughout the day.

By choosing Blue Ridge Montessori School you are choosing the most caring, experienced, professional and dedicated teachers anywhere. All of whom are strongly committed to their own personal, ongoing professional development. You are choosing a school with over 30 years of Montessori teaching experience, a strong parent network and a truly individualized educational approach to meet your child’s specific needs.

By choosing Blue Ridge Montessori you are choosing the oldest accredited Montessori school in the Lynchburg and Bedford area. You are choosing an authentic Montessori experience for your child that is different from conventional schools and preschools. You are joining in our commitment to the multi-dimensional development of your child.

We know from years of experience that Montessori children amass a great deal of knowledge while at school. However, our aim is for each child to be far more than a repository of this information; we guide each child to think for herself. Cognitive development and a solid academic foundation are important, yet they represent only one dimension of our aspirations for your child. Equally significant is your child's social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development.

Ultimately, we offer a unique opportunity for your family: a place for your child to grow from infancy through sixth grade. We want every parent to feel confident that they are making the right choice for their child’s education. We take our work seriously and feel strongly that the goals of our school will help to serve your child for a lifetime. It is our commitment to offer each child an educational experience that results in an expanded love of learning, builds on their strengths, and provides a solid foundation for their future.

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Robin M. Boling
Head of School