Why Choose Montessori?

Montessori School vs. Traditional

Education is said to be the key to life, and most parents will do anything to ensure that their children get quality education. However, the traditional form of education can be quite overwhelming and does not achieve the intended purpose. Montessori education, on the other hand, will recognize the individual strengths of the children, their needs, learning styles and likes.

All Children are Unique

In the Montessori form of education, there is a strong belief that children do not learn in the same way and each child is unique. Rather than following the set curriculum, Montessori will focus what the child understands and the concept that they will use to learn. The interests of the child will be the main consideration for learning purposes.

As such, the class will not be full of text books only and other writing materials. Instead, there are different materials to address the different concepts that the children understand. It is, therefore, unlikely to find a Montessori classroom that is similar to the conventional classrooms.


There are some people who argue that Montessori lacks a proper structure like the traditional classrooms. These are people who strongly believe that for an education system to work out all children need to do the same thing at the same time. Montessori has a structure and a work plan, and while the children may be doing different things, all the activities are towards a specific goal, which can be traced.

Freedom of the Children

There is a wrong misconception about choice, in Montessori. There are people who assume that this means that the children will do whatever they want, which is far from the truth. What choice means is that they are given options like choosing between math and reading and choosing the materials they will use to complete the lesson. This will be incorporated with play time and other activities to enhance holistic development.

Social Skills

When comparing the traditional and Montessori for of education, there are parents who are worried that Montessori children do not know how to socialize. This is not true, as a matter of fact; most studies show that the Montessori children have better social interaction abilities than their peers. Dr. Angeline Lillard of University of Virginia did a research to compare Montessori education to traditional education, and the reports showed that Montessori children:

  • Show more self- discipline
  • They are interested in learning
  • They are more creative
  • Show more independence
  • Understand truth and fairness in a greater way

Blue Ridge Montessori School offers the perfect environment for your children to learn. Some of the values promoted include peace, creative solutions, concentration, order and independence and so much more. All the activities in the school are founded on the principles of respecting the children and all the living things.