Irina Fuller

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Our family and two sons have joined BRMS community approximately four years ago as we strongly believe in the Montessori philosophy where the children have an ability to self-direct own work without being presented with limitations. We believe that Montessori model of education facilitates the development of leadership skills and “out-of-box” thinking, provides the tools for continuous growth socially, emotionally and cognitively




My name is Irina Fuller and was born in the Central part of the Ukraine. I grew up in predominantly Russian speaking community of a large industrial city. Always looked forward to the summers with beloved grandparents in the North-Western part of the country with a very authentic Ukrainian culture. It required quick switchover from Russian to Ukrainian in order to communicate efficiently and taught me the value of patience, respect, flexibility and quick study. Those are remembered as best days of my life exploring the nature, growing little animals and produce for the family, helping elderly. I was fortunate to graduate from the Governor School with concentration in Math, Science and Information Technology followed by obtaining Bachelors of Business and Economics and Masters of Accounting and Audit. Not to forget the creative spirit with a degree in Art specialized in watercolors, sculpture and history of art.