Samantha P. Foster, PT, DPT

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                  I first learned of BRMS while in DPT school when I met a fellow student’s precocious toddler. He was a student of BRMS and she had all positive remarks about Blue Ridge. Taking her opinion and merging it with the outstanding first impression when touring the soon-to-be Nido classroom in May 2015, I can honestly say my respect of the work done at BRMS grows daily.

                  I am passionate about my children becoming contributing citizens of our global society with the ability to engage with others while developing creative solutions to challenges. I say this because my main goal as an educator is to create autodidacts as this, to me, is the only sustainable type of education.

                  I appreciate the Montessori model of engaging students who represent a spectrum of ages in activities that apply to practical life, science, nature, and the subjects we are more familiar with in a school setting.  I am so appreciative that my children do “work” everyday that is enjoyable. Work in life is inevitable; it is enjoyable and can be remarkable. My sons are learning to be engaged actively in this work. Also, the Montessori model of exposing students to nature and the idea of free play is an integral reason we embrace this method of learning. Without free play, much like Nature Play remarked upon, there is little time for creative though processing.

                  When I taught high school biology, my best students were from diverse backgrounds and were able to use hands-on experiments to understand concepts. Our Environmental Science class designed, constructed, marketed, and sold rain barrels to the community. This is a lasting impression on them and, hopefully, created 30 lasting stewards of the environment.

                  I hope to continue to support BRMS in our family’s endeavors so that our community and the Lynchburg community as a whole can continue to grow with this model. We are on the cusp of understanding and embracing this necessary change in education. Blue Ridge Montessori is providing a local model of best practice to showcase it works!



Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to the BRMS community. Please, call me “Sam”. I am mother to River (age 3-White Pine) and Sky (Age 10 months-Weeping Willow) and wife to Robb.  We have been with BRMS since River was 4 months old. I am a physical therapist at the Summit Skilled Nursing Facility and adjunct professor at Lynchburg College’s DPT Program. My husband and I met in Greenville, SC and returned to his native Lynchburg for school. We fell in love with the friendly community setting and up-and-coming (now thriving!) downtown.  We have raised our boys to be lovers of music and people via the eclectic setting of music festivals-our favorite being Floyd Fest with a special place in our hearts for LockN. I have a passion for education, especially the constructivist pedagogy in which a problem or question is proposed to a group of students and access to the resources is provided but not the path to the answer/solution.  I am looking forward to getting to know you and your families.